Cloud Computing – Pakistan is Changing its Tech Tends

Cloud Computing – Pakistan is Changing its Tech Tends

Cloud Computing is changing traditional business approaches in many aspects by proving itself cost saving and efficient deployment tool. Different businesses in Pakistan and globally are adopting this technology to manage their business efficiently and effectively.

Cloud computing is providing cheaper and cost effective efficient automation, data management, analysis and services to the businesses globally and this trend is gradually increasing in Pakistan, said Waqas Hashmi Country Sales Director, Pakistan & Afghanistan Technology Business Oracle Corporation while briefing media.

Not only the large enterprises including banking and telecom sector are utilizing cloud computing but other traditional sectors including textiles, logistics, other manufacturing sectors, SMEs and startup businesses are also adapting to new technologies in Pakistan. Recently one of the renowned flour Mill in Pakistan has signed a contract with Attrayant Designs for the development of its cloud based ERP system that is a proof that traditional business management is changing and adopting new trends for boosting businesses.

Health Sector in Pakistan as well as internationally has also entered in the cloud world and people are developing many different health solutions meeting the requirement of community  in different ways with the help of cloud. is Sharjah, UAE Based Health care solution provider that have entered into the market with unique approach by providing live consultancy services with the help of cloud and of course its contract was also signed with Attrayant Designs.

So if you are a business guy then you should also be a part of this technology to witness how efficient the world has become.