Auditor - Accounting Software

Are you running a startup or medium scale business? Then manage accounts might be difficult for you. Auditor makes your work easy. Manage all your account related activities with minimal knowledge of accounting techniques.

For small and medium scale businesses

Designed for small & start-up businesses with 1-to-10 employees. A mobile-first design enabling you to work on the move and take your business anywhere, Auditor Accounts helps you to keep your finances on-track, compliant and accurate.

Starting your business wasn’t easy. Finding the right accounting solution is.

  • Auditor is a dead-simple AND powerful solution designed to get you paid
  • It automates processes and accounting – work faster with fewer mistakes
  • Save two days a month, on average, on business administration
  • Helps you nail your accounting and know where you stand
  • Put regulatory issues in the rear-view mirror with 100% compliance in 14 countries
  • Like spreadsheets on autopilot. Eliminates formulas and version control issues.

Imagine having a live view of your firm so you always know what’s happening right here, right now. Imagine always having direct access to client data with just a few clicks. This is Auditor Accounting Solution – the platform for your practice that will transform your client relationships. With smart automation, workflow control, and the power of Auditor on your side you can unlock time, deliver overhead savings and bring about real business opportunities.

Say goodbye to the days of working across different software, systems and spreadsheets. Auditor apps share data seamlessly to make the delivery of exceptional services a reality – from efficient bookkeeping and compliance to providing proactive advice.


Tired of Accounting?

Are you spending lots of time in managing accounts of your business?  Isn’t it difficult?

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